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Regional Chapters 
Sabrina Hartley, President
Sabrina Hartley
President's Message

Another month and another FSCPM update.  Exciting changes continue in the FSCPM world.  Allow me to bring you up-to-date ….

First, exciting new chapter news – I’m very pleased to welcome the new Southwest Florida CPM Chapter to our alumni organization – bringing our active chapter total to 4 statewide.  Yay!  Visit the chapter’s webpage for all the details, but the board is in place, start-up funds are being worked out, and the first chapter meeting is anticipated to be at the end of March or early April.  If you’re in the Collier County area, you’ll definitely be hearing more details.  FSCPM exists to serve CPM alumni and chapter building is how we do that.  It’s very rewarding to see new chapters taking off and newish chapters (Northwest) continuing to grow and get established.  We continue to look for opportunities and interest for local chapters.  It has, however, become clear over time that it’s impossible to grow a chapter from Tallahassee.  Chapters simply cannot happen if there is not a local spark and a core group of dedicated CPMs willing to commit to making it so.  FSCPM can fan flames of interest, but we can’t start them.  I’m proud of our chapter growth work, and am confident that there are more CPM alumni chapters in store for Florida’s graduates. 

Second, news at the FSCPM board level – we have appointed (and are grateful to have) Lorna Kibbey to serve as the 2015 President-Elect.  Lorna is a CPM as well as a program instructor and private management consultant.  She has a passion for CPM and wants to be a part of FSCPM’s growth and statewide graduate support.  I think she will bring a great perspective to the board as well as have a connection to the program and current students and happenings in a way that we cannot.  Jerry Karp, former President-Elect, will shift to oversee development of on-line member resources.  We’ve had on-line resources on the radar since the beginning but no resources to specifically devote.  We’ve remedied that by recruiting Jerry to the position and allocating a $500 budget.  Stay tuned for developments that you can use.  Whether you’ve had the pleasure of taking a class with/from Lorna, I hope you will ‘get to know her’ as we welcome her to the board and all FSCPM happenings. 


Third – the 2015 budget.  We remain financially secure and continue to be strict stewards of your membership funds.  I hope you will take a moment to review the 2015 budget (posted on the webpage) to see where we plan on spending money this year.  As usual, our primary expenditures are the graduations and annual symposium.  We broke out a bit more operating funds this year, but, overall, it’s a pretty straightforward budget that aims to spend money in support of the organization’s growth while getting the most bang for your buck. 

Finally, upcoming event planning – both the on-site trainings and annual symposium require quite a bit of behind-the-scenes set-up.  (Duh!)  Clearly, the on-site trainings, if nothing more than their smaller scale, are easier to arrange than a statewide symposium.  Nevertheless, to deliver quality services (the only kind we deliver), we’ve got to have decent planning and, frankly, a decent amount of help.  Luckily, it always seems to come through when we need it most.  We’ll be hitting the chapters up for symposium ideas as well as input about the ideas that come up, so I hope you’re involved in a local chapter to share your thoughts.  As you know, you can stay tuned here for an up-to-date (within the month) picture of what’s going on.  And, of course, the board is available (just an email or phone call away) anytime you have a question or suggestion.  I, for one, would love to hear from you.


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