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Ruthie Doles
Ruthie Doles, President

President's Message
January 2017

Happy 2017 fellow CPMers!


The New Year inspires us to start fresh and try to be better than we were the previous year.  It’s a time to reflect on our dreams, set or renew goals and make a commitment to achieve them.  The FSCPM Board gave great thought to what we want to accomplish in 2017 during our annual retreat held in November.  We came up with several goals for our organization.   In case you haven’t had a chance to review the meeting minutes, here’s what we selected:


2017 Goals

>  Increase membership and member involvement

> Transition to and harness the use of technology to improve

> Revise and re-implement the CPM-D (CPM with Distinction) Program

> Provide more support to struggling chapters and the development of new chapters

> Improve Chapter, Board and statewide communication

> Support chapters in hosting regional Symposiums and educational forums

> Develop new recognition and awards program



I’ve been listening to subject matter experts discussing New Year’s goals say that to achieve any goal, you must have a purpose.  FSCPM must be clear about why we want to achieve the items listed on our goals list.  The most obvious answer would be that our goals are connected to our vision and mission. Do you know what they are?  If not, take a peek below: 


Our Vision

Improve organizational and personal performance in Florida Government through the knowledge, commitment, and action of a society of Certified Public Managers.


Our Mission

The purpose of the FSCPM is to foster and maintain high professional and ethical standards in the practice of public management, to further the professional growth of the Society’s members, and support the Florida CPM Program as it recruits and trains current and future professional public managers.


I can see the connection, but I wonder if others can.  People often ask, “What is FSCPM?”  “What do they do?”  “Why should I join?” One of my personal goals as President will be to increase the knowledge of our organization with CPMs across the state.  We can only accomplish goals that foster our vision and mission if CPMs know who we are, what we do and why it’s important to their growth and development as managers.  I hope you will join us in the quest to make a difference in the lives of Florida Certified Public Managers. 


In order to do that, you must join FSCPM.  If you are a new CPM considering membership, we welcome you!!  Click on the membership link above to submit your application.  If your membership expired in 2016 and you have not already renewed, you can click on that same link to stay with us.  You will need to be a member to take advantage of the FREE training that we have planned for 2017.  The first session will be held on February 3, 2017 in Tampa.  Click on the link on the Bulletin Board for more information. 


Super excited about working towards our goals and getting feedback about how we can help you accomplish your 2017 leadership goals!


Until next time,


The National CPM Consortium Endorses FSCPM
"We are proud to support the Florida Society of Certified Public Managers®.  The Florida Certified Public Manager® program has
had a long, proud history with the National Certified Public Manager Consortium.  We wish FSCPM every success in your new
membership campaign."

 * Welcome Letter from the Director of the Florida Center for Public Management pdf

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