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Sabrina Hartley, President
Sabrina Hartley
President's Message
February 2015

Hello, February.  Things are starting to churn in the CPM world.  I hope they’re churning along nicely as 2015 gets squarely underway for you as well.

When last we chatted, the board was getting ready for its first meeting of the year.  Well, we had that meeting, and another since, and came up with the FSCPM 2015 goals and objectives.  I know you’ll be shocked to know that our primary goals are to increase membership by 20% (which means about 50 new members) and increase symposium attendance by at least 10% (which means adding at least another 11-12 people).  We’ll continue to pursue all of the deliverables and membership benefits we possibly can in support of these goals.  (See the meeting agenda for objectives/details.) 


We made some other changes that you might be interested in as well.  For one, the board will now meet once a month on the second Thursday of each month from noon to 1 p.m. rather than twice a month.  Upon creation, we established the twice-monthly board meeting schedule to ensure that we were on top of all of the get-up-and-going details that had to be addressed.  Well, we’ve been up and running for a good year and a half now and decided to shift to monthly meetings.  We will schedule topic-specific meetings as necessary and will continue to announce all meetings on the website.  As always, we issue a standing invitation for you to tune-in and/or participate in any FSCPM meeting.  Second, we made some changes to the by-laws to allow the board flexibility to accept and appoint officers that may or may not have aspirations to serve in subsequent offices.  This is still reflective of our get-up-and-going status and efforts to start building a succession plan.  There are some board changes in the works, but they haven’t been confirmed quite yet, so I can’t really say anything.  Stay tuned, ‘cause I’m going to share as soon as I can.  click here to continue reading



The National CPM Consortium Endorses FSCPM
"We are proud to support the Florida Society of Certified Public Managers®.  The Florida Certified Public Manager® program has
had a long, proud history with the National Certified Public Manager Consortium.  We wish FSCPM every success in your new
membership campaign."

 * Welcome Letter from the Director of the Florida Center for Public Management pdf


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