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Regional Chapters
Regional Chapters 
Sabrina Hartley, President
Sabrina Hartley
President's Message


There’s quite a lot going on in the Florida CPM world.  Allow me to give you an overview….


First, one graduation down, and one to go.  Tallahassee saw a graduating class of 162 (I think that was the final number), and Ft. Lauderdale will see another 60 or so in a couple of weeks.  (I sure hope all of the graduates attend the October symposium.)  With this 2015 graduating class, the program topped 5,000 graduates statewide.  That’s beyond impressive when you stop to think that the entire program consists of less than 5 full-time staff and no more than a dozen adjuncts (part-time employees).  I’m very proud to be the alumni president of such an accomplished program that continues to grow and train people who go on to make a difference all across the state.


We’ve scheduled a day-long (10 a.m. – 4 p.m.) statewide board meeting for Saturday, August 29th in Tampa at Bristol-Myers Squibb, 5104 Eisenhower Blvd. South.  The statewide board consists of the FSCPM board members (president, president-elect, treasurer, secretary, membership chair) and each of the 4 chapter presidents.  Any CPM is welcome to attend the meeting.  If, however, you plan on attending, you need to let me know, as all attendee names must be on a security list in order to gain entry.  Drop me a note if you want to attend.  I’ll email you a confirmation and make sure you’re on the admit list.  We don’t have an agenda yet, but will post it to the website as soon as one is finalized.  This will be a critical meeting to discuss the organization’s future goals and leadership transition.  We will report overall results at the symposium on October 6th.  I promise, however, that it will only be a few minutes, and we won’t subject you to the mundane details of a day-long discussion.  (Nobody wants to sit through that at a symposium?!*)  click here to read the rest

The National CPM Consortium Endorses FSCPM
"We are proud to support the Florida Society of Certified Public Managers®.  The Florida Certified Public Manager® program has
had a long, proud history with the National Certified Public Manager Consortium.  We wish FSCPM every success in your new
membership campaign."

 * Welcome Letter from the Director of the Florida Center for Public Management pdf


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2015 Symposium
Save - the - Date
Tuesday, October 6th
8am - 5pm
Bartow Civic Center
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