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Ruthie Doles
Ruthie Doles, President

President's Message
February 2017

February is my favorite month…not only because it’s my birthday (yes, I celebrate my birthday all month)…but because there are cool holidays like Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, and Ground Hog day.  That reminds me of the movie Ground Hog Day, starring Bill Murray.  In the movie, weatherman Phil Connors (Bill’s character) keeps reliving the same day and until he finally gains insight into how he can do it better, then uses that knowledge to reach his ultimate goal of winning back his lady love.  Do you ever wish you could relive a day at work?  What would you do differently?  Do you wish you would have recalled the wonderful CPM principles you learned in class?  How would they have made a difference? 


A group of us had a chance to receive a redux of CPM class last Friday, February 3rd.  FCPM Adjunct Professor and Suncoast Chapter member Linda Jimenez facilitated a “walk down memory lane” for Levels 1 and 2.  I’m sure you remember personality typing (ENTJ or ISFP?), theory X and Y leadership styles, recognition lessons from “Encouraging the Heart,” the hazards of groupthink learned from The Road to Abilene, conflict that arose during Desert Survival and the Blue-Green activity.  One participant said she’s still in therapy because of the mental trauma she suffered during that game!


It was a great class and a super refresher of key ideals we learned about ourselves and working in teams during CPM class.  Linda is a funny, engaging instructor whose thought-provoking questions lead to some insightful discussions.  We ended the class with a group activity, where we had to generate ideas using the brainstorming steps from Level 2 (do you remember those?) to answer the problem statement, “How can FSCPM engage alumnae to become active members?”  We had some interesting contributions.  I plan to compile the list and will post it for everyone to review.  The Board will discuss the ideas and consider those that may help us to achieve our goal of “increased member involvement.”  I encourage chapters to conduct this exercise at a meeting and share the feedback so we can keep building on the list.  If we can get great minds focused on helping us reach our goals, we’re more likely to achieve them.   


I encourage everyone to keep an eye out for CPM events across the state, which will be posted on our website.  As an FSCPM member, you are welcome to attend events at any chapter.  You might come away with ideas for your local chapter.  Thanks so much to the Suncoast Chapter, including Linda, Renee Callo and Dawn Antinori, for hosting and coordinating the refresher training.  We will plan more free training events at other locations.  The Suncoast Chapter has plans to continue with refreshers on the other levels of CPM, which all in attendance were excited to hear.  Everyone is also welcome to attend Board meetings, which will also be posted on the website.  Volunteers are needed to make our organization work and it is a wonderful way to make the most of your membership! 


Until next time,


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