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Regional Chapters 
Sabrina Hartley, President
Sabrina Hartley
President's Message

How right I was when I said that April felt like the calm before the storm.  Things are kicking into full gear in the FSCPM world and, while it can get a little stressful to have so many balls in the air, it’s also exhilarating to be doing great stuff that will be experienced and appreciated by CPMs statewide.  Here’s what’s going on…. 


We have four on-site trainings scheduled before graduation planning takes over the FCPM staff.  The first training happened this week (May 4 - Largo), one happens next week (May 11 - Tallahassee), and then there’s one June 1st (Gainesville) and one July 6th (Tampa).  We are so fortunate to have such qualified CPM instructors willing to provide these half-day training sessions.  I defy you to find better, heck, even comparable training that is FREE to you as an FSCPM member or a measly $20 if you’re not a member.  We will work with the program instructors to implement further on-site trainings following the summer graduations.  As you know, we piggy-back these trainings on the program’s teaching schedule.  We will continue to look for opportunities to provide this benefit to as many areas of the state as possible.   


Symposium planning has begun and you can check out the weekly progress (if you’re not able to tune-in to the weekly Tuesday lunchtime meetings) here on the website.  Please give us at least a day to get the summary notes posted….we are, after all, volunteers with full-time, busy jobs.  (There’s a symposium link on the bottom of the front page where notes will be kept.)  We are working to secure an event location, identify the presentation/training model we want to use, pick a theme, and identify speakers, presenters, and a keynote.  We’ve set-up five weekly meetings on Tuesday’s from noon to 1 p.m. EST.  Feel free to join in or share your ideas with the planning team.  (Bridgeline #218-632-0323  Pass code: 12345678#)  We’re going to produce a fantastic event that is different from last year’s very successful symposium.  We aim to exceed last year’s attendance (110) by at least 10%.  Frankly, I think we can and will do better.  Nevertheless,  I’m click here to read the rest
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"We are proud to support the Florida Society of Certified Public Managers®.  The Florida Certified Public Manager® program has
had a long, proud history with the National Certified Public Manager Consortium.  We wish FSCPM every success in your new
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 * Welcome Letter from the Director of the Florida Center for Public Management pdf


Scheduled Meetings/Trainings:

Board Meeting Agenda:   Thursday, May 14



Training Scheduled
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June 1 Gainesville The Leadership Challenge click here for the flyer
1 seat left!!

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