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Sabrina Hartley, President
Sabrina Hartley
President's Message
January 2015

And, BAM, just like that, here we are in 2015!  That means it’s time to kick-off a whole new year of serving and appreciating thousands of Florida CPMs.  What will you do with your CPM skills this New Year? 


Well, here are some options…..hopefully, first and foremost, you’re using your management talents in your workplace and making a positive difference for you, your colleagues, bosses, and customers every day.  Not all employees know that they have that power, but you do.  Next, if you’re not already, we’re going to work to persuade you to use and share your talents with other CPMs in your area through local chapter participation.  We all know that that’s where the real action and growth happens.  Third, your talents will be well appreciated and enhanced by participating in one or more FSCPM event such as bi-weekly (or even the occasional) board meeting, on-site trainings, and/or the fall symposium.    


The FSCPM board’s first 2015 meeting is on Thursday, Jan 15th (12-1 p.m. - agenda and dial-in info is posted on the FSCPM website by COB on Tuesday, Jan 13), where we will launch our discussion about 2015 FSCPM goals and member benefits.  As with any good, growing organization, we want to top last year’s performance and continue to expand our membership numbers, chapters, and membership benefits and deliverables. 


Of course, lofty goals and ideas abound, but, as we all know, both human and financial resources are required for quality results.  We are examining the board and various FSCPM roles to ensure that people are in the areas/topics that are of most interest and that the position allows them to both provide and get the most from the experience.  Serving on the FSCPM board or any committee thereof is both prestigious and rewarding.  Is it something you would like to do with your CPM skills? 


We learned a lot last year and have and will continue to smooth out operations as a result.  We delivered some great member benefits, like the five on-site trainings and symposium, that we want to expand and, where possible, top.  We continue to be actively engaged in chapter building and will leave no stone unturned where there is interest.  Overall, we’ll continue to build it and, as I remain convinced, they will continue to come.  Thank you for including FSCPM in your new year.  Now get out there and use those hard-earned CPM skills.


The National CPM Consortium Endorses FSCPM
"We are proud to support the Florida Society of Certified Public Managers®.  The Florida Certified Public Manager® program has
had a long, proud history with the National Certified Public Manager Consortium.  We wish FSCPM every success in your new
membership campaign."

 * Welcome Letter from the Director of the Florida Center for Public Management pdf


Scheduled Meetings/Trainings:

Board Meetings: January 15 meeting agenda




2014 Symposium Materials NOW Available for Download

The 2014 FSCPM statewide symposium (“A Better You, A Better Team”)  icebreaker exercises and Power Point presentations are available for your viewing.  The great get-to-know you activities are available for you to use as you see fit.  They were very popular.  (Thank you Suncoast Chapter President, Ruthie Doles!)  Dr. Dan Vicker and Alaa El Halwagy, presenters extraordinaire, both used Power Point to deliver their presentations, and you can view both at your leisure.  The remaining two presenters, Dr. Jason Littleton and Scotty Gunther, did not use Power Point, and, so, we do not have on-line representations of their presentations.  We hope you enjoy these materials and attend the next FSCPM statewide symposium. - Sabrina Hartley

governor endorses cpmGov Rick Scott
Governor Rick Scott Endorses CPM Recognition Week

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